The Duke's Diwan

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The Duke´s Diwan is one of the oldest. Well preserved stone buildings you can find in the heart of Amman. Occupying the second floor at 12 King Faisal Street, next to the Arab Bank, it stands as a highly visible reminder of the beautiful architectural heritage of the Jordanian capital.

Built in 1924, by the Abdul Rahman Madi, the premise was leased to the newly established Emirate Trans-Jordan´s government as the Central ost Office until the late forties. In 1948, and for the following 50 years, it became the venue of Hafia Hotel

The property consists of five high ceiling rooms of different sizes connected to a central salon. The floor is tiled with chequered black and green cm 20x20 ceramics. Large arched windows occupy much of the half-meter wide walls to usher in light and breeze. The façade from the busy street is constructed of typical Ammani white carved stones with top of columns elaborately chiseled.

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  • REESISM - Photograph

    “Balad” downtown; I saw this old building along the street. It became an instant eye candy to me that I became too excited to enter.

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  • Philadelphia Consulting - CEO

    Impressive and nice area to meet and specially to eat Knafeh with the Duke Bisharat and walk back together through the history of Jordan.